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Fantasy Contest Winners Announced!

Wow! What a weekend, right? San Jose is in the books as the largest DBS event to date and congratulations to Danny Hype for representing KTM proudly in the top 32 and then eventually into the top 8. Also a big congratulations to Eon Hill for pushing aside 14 challengers and becoming the first undefeated regional winner. That's quite the accomplishment!

Moving on, we have our winners for the Fantasy contest! This contest was a huge hit for us and the community and we couldn't be happier with how things turned out. We had exactly 267 entries into the contest and in the end we had 3 entrants that stood out above the rest, but first, some stats for fun:

Player with the most selections: Chad Kaplan (62)

Player with the second most selections: Anthony Hernandez (54)

Player with the third most selections: Danny Hype (52)

Number of different players selected: 60

Team with the most selections: Bearded Collectibles (102)

Number of players with Eon Hill: 1

Winning Team: Pat O'Neill with Tom Veazie (19), Anthony Hernandez (26), Matt Coombs (21), Four Horsemen (52) for a total of 118 Points

2nd Place Team: Alex Pham with Anthony Hernandez (26), Alex Wilking (18), Alex Stewart (21), Four Horsemen (52) for a total of 117 Points

3rd Place Team: Patrick Kowal with Chad Kaplan (31), Ben Stevens (34), Tyler Williams (16), Bearded Collectibles (34) for a total of 115 Points

Congrats to the winners! I'll be reaching out to you all soon to get addresses to send prizes. I'm excited for the next Fantasy contest for ARG Hartford next month which will feature the first Team Wars! We'll think of someway to incorporate Team Wars into the Fantasy draft. Look forward to it!


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