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ARG San Jose Super Fantasy Challenge

Good day!

Back in 2000-whatever I started doing a "Fantasy" CCG challenge for the various CCGs that I played at the time. As a big fan of Fantasy sports in general, and daily fantasy sports more recently, this was an untapped game that could get a lot of community involvement and a good way to get people excited for events that they weren't going to as well as really excite the people actually attending the event. I'll explain the concept quickly:

For those who don't know what fantasy sports are it's the task of selecting a player from a provided player pool and then having your pool of selected players battle against everyone else's selected players. You can have the same player(s) as other people but the way that you select players typically create a pretty diverse entry pool. For example: you have a salary cap of $500 (arbitrary number). You want Marcel Russell ($250), Trey Faircloth ($150), and Markus Kantarci ($100). This is a legal team because you're under or at the $500 salary cap. You could not however have both Marcel ($250) and Peter ($250) on your team because that's $500 and you're required to select 3 players for your team.

That's fantasy sports in a nutshell. Still with me? Good.

KTM and will be sponsoring its first of many Super Fantasy Challenges. It's free to enter and comes with a variety of prizes to win and literally no cost to you. Here are the prizes:

First place - A copy of the Heroes mini-set and a copy of the Villains mini-set

Second place - A TP3 "Winner" Playmat (choice of the 2)

Third Place - A TP3 "winner" Playmat (remaining mat)


Salary cap: $500

Number of required players: 3

Number of required teams: 1

To enter: Send a PM to John Tatta on Facebook or email me at with your chosen players, team, and their dollar amount to confirm a legal entry

Deadline: Deadline for entries is Friday, April 13th at 11:59 PM EST

To avoid favoritism all entries will be made public on Saturday at some point.


You will score your players' Swiss points + 5 bonus points for each round won in the top cut

Example Team/Scoring:

Trey Faircloth ($175) - 24 Swiss points, 2 wins in top cut (10 points) = 34 points

Markus Kantarci ($150) - 20 Swiss points, 3 wins in top cut (15 points) = 35 points

Jim Deng ($50) - 18 Swiss points, missed top cut = 18 points

Kitchen Table Meta ($100) - Danny Hype goes 8-1 (24 points) + wins events (30 points) = 54

Total = 141 points


Q: Why do I have to pick a team as well as individual players?

A: Great question! Teams have been given a salary as well. You will receive bonus points for the highest finisher on your chosen team. For example, if you choose KTM as your team and Trey Faircloth gets 2nd place, you will receive Trey's Swiss points for the event + top cut points.

Q: If I have Trey on my team already and choose KTM for my team do I get his points twice?

A: Yes! Sometimes it's a good strategy to put your eggs into one basket if you're confident in a certain player doing well.

Q: What if my player no-shows at the last minute?

A: Unfortunately you will not receive any points for that player and your score may be significantly lower than expected. We apologize for this but go to great lengths to get a confirmed players list in advance.

Q: Can I still receive prizes if I'm not in the US?

A: Yes and No. We will unfortunately not be willing to cover shipping to outside of the US/Canada. We will be happy to work something out with you regarding shipping costs. If you win a prize and you're located domestically we'll cover shipping.

Q: Do I have to spend all $500?

A: Nope! You are simply required to select 3 players + 1 team. Those 4 selections must be *no more than* $500.

Q: Where did you come up with this ridiculous numbers?

A: Based on previous finishes, number of players from each team attending, skill level, personal preference, the color of their hair, size and shape of beard, and finally how nice they are to me.

Q: My boy Jimmy "The Mouth" Valentine is going to the event but not on your list. What gives?

A: I targeted teams because that's how this works. If Jimmy is on a team tell him to get his stuff together next time and PM me sooner. I want to add everyone that I can to the list, I promise.

Now, the player pool! This is a list of *confirmed* players. This list is final and will not change.

Kitchen Table Meta - $100

Trey Faircloth - $175

Danny Hype - $175

Shenron's Lair - $175

Markus Kantarci - $150

Chris Welch - $150

Amir Abboushi - $100

Caleb Williamson - $75

Josh Williamson - $125

Kelly Cartwright - $175

Tim Palacios - $175

Gabriel Aguilar - $50

Intricate Gaming - $150

Abraham Castro - $100

Alex Rueda - $50

Armand Rimando - $50

Bryan Samuel - $150

Jim Deng - $50

Juan Romero - $50

MacGyver March - $75

Michael Cano - $175

Richard Zapp - $125

Steve Aragon - $150

Thomas Veazie - $100

Victor Studioso - $100

Bearded Collectibles - $200

Dairon Roman - $175

Allek Pastrana - $50

Patrick Kowal - $175

Chad Kaplan - $75

Nick Fischman - $125

Trey Cesarano - $100

Alan Alleman - $125

Fernando Castellanos - $125

Blake Rivera - $100

Jorge Fernandez - $200

Tyler Williams - $125

Benjamin Stevens - $100

Jose Gabriel Serrano Maldonado - $50

Matt Coombs - $100

Brandon Matheny - $50

Wise Guys - $125

Tyler "Scotch" Janesek - $150

Alex Wilking - $125

Jon Mendoza - $100

Eric Mack - $50

Oscar Velez - $50

Pro-Play Games - $100

Alejandro Mena - $175

Chris Abella - $200

Team Undecided - $50

Joshua Veytia - $50

Alex Ly - $50

Julian Benitez - $50

Anthony Alvarez - $50

Jorge Aguilar - $50

Andy Rizo - $50

Team OC - $75

Donny Nguyen - $100

Anthony Puailoa - $50

Cesar Gutierrez - $50

Keanu Jakahi - $50

Oscar Martinez - $50

Paul Abdelsayed - $50

Paul Elias - $50

Victory Village - $50

Andrew Vincze - $50

Sam Blacker - $50

Alex Stewart - $50

Ryan Phillips - $50

Black Market - $75

Alejandro Sanjiao - $100

Marquis McKinney - $100

Jordan McCrae - $75

Chris Vanderginst - $75

Four Horsemen - $100

Anthony Hernandez - $200

Eric Hill - $150

Eon Hill - $150

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