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Hello world!

I decided to separate this section from all of my blog posts because not everyone is interested in me or my story. If you're reading this, you care about who I am and what I have to say and I hope to not disappoint you. Let me just write a quick biography so you get an idea of my history and what my goals for this blog are:

My name is John Tatta and I'm a 35 year old husband, father, card gamer extraordinaire. I have been playing games pretty much my entire teen and adult life. I picked up my first Magic: the Gathering card when I was just 12 years old and was basically hooked from there. "Tournaments" back then weren't what they are now obviously as Magic hadn't yet revolutionized CCGs but I played "competitively" from the very beginning. I was always very good at math and deductive reasoning and realized very quickly that I was as good or better than people twice my age. When you're 12, and you're good at something, naturally you want you keep doing it, right? So I did. I qualified for my first MTG Pro Tour when I was 14 (PT New York, April 1997) and played in several Pro Tours through the late 90's and early 2000's. When I started college in 2001 at West Virginia University I wanted to try my hand at different games so I ventured into VS System by Upper Deck Entertainment because their Pro Circuit intrigued me and I loved the comic IP. I played in nearly all of the VS Pro events and did very well in that game. After that game died in the mid-2000's I went back to MTG as well as played "professionally" in the World of Warcraft TCG as well as a handful of other games that nobody has heard of or cared about. Basically, if a game had any kind of competitive organized play, I tried it. In 20 years of professional gaming I have earned somewhere close to six figures and am very proud of that.

If you want a list of my accomplishments for references you can consult the googles but I can list a few:

*Multiple time MTG Pro Tour competitor

*Top 8 multiple VS System $10,000 championships

*Top 16 multiple VS System $250,000 Pro Circuits

*Top 8 World of Warcraft CCG US Nationals

*Top 8 multiple World of Warcraft CCG Darkmoon Faire (essentially DBS regionals)

*Top 32 Dragon Ball Super ARG Regional - Richmond, VA

*2nd Place Dragon Ball Super ARG Regional - Charlotte, NC

Once I graduated college I had to tone down my gaming hobbies and focus on other areas of my life. Today I'm a father to two toddlers, a husband, and sorta-kinda-work in the sales industry but mostly do day and swing trading of cryptocurrencies and work from home. I play Dragon Ball Super with friends locally when I can and travel to regionals sparingly but enjoy meeting people and playing the game. Presently I'm a proud member of the Kitchen Table Meta pro team alongside some of the best gamers and group of guys anyone could ask for.

If you have any questions about anything I write about, please never hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for reading!

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